Printing Tips


We require a very simple file setup for all print jobs. Please refer to the list below for details:

  • Please no crop marks or any other printer marks

  • All files need 1/8" bleed on all sides (example: a standard business card print file should be 3.75" x 2.25")

  • Please export all print files as single files. Front, back and ProSpot UV files all need to be their own individual files (example: for a 2 sided piece, with ProSpot UV on both sides there should be FOUR print files)

  • Please ensure all fonts are outlined or converted to curves

  • Flatten all transparencies

  • ProSpot UV files need to be setup using C=O%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100%. Anywhere you have black in your file is where the ProSpot UV will be applied to the prints

Browse our products and add to cart. Our website is streamlined for your printing orders.

Unfortunately each file you submit will be printed the same. We also offer quantities of 5000 if you need to split up orders in smaller amounts but ordering in bulk will most likely be a better price.

4/0 Full Color front, blank on the back. 4/4 means full color 2 both sides. The number 4 represents 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) that make your order.

Aggregate printing consists of multiple client orders printed on a sheet side by side. Multiple clients orders are put on this large sheet and ran in different quantities such as 5000 or 1000. Once the printing is done they are then cut into individual orders and boxed which is how you receive your jobs. This is the reason we can give you these great prices because the cost of printing, running plates and everything involved in your job is split by everyone.

UV Coating is a thin film that is applied to your order to give a shiny gloss. You may write on UV Coating with a Sharpie but most pens wont work. Our normal card stock is considered "Glossy" because it has a small shine to the paper itself. If you need to write on your order or mail your orders, we suggest you ask for the NON UV or GLOSSY finish. Please note an AQ Finish is added to all NON UV jobs to keep the color in tact but please check with your mailing company if they accept the order with AQ finish.

A Die cut is a custom flyer cut out as a specific shape. Please note a die design must be very simple in order for us to cut out. If you have any questions on your shape please email info@procolorprints.com and we will check to make sure the shape can be used.

All orders are final. No exchanges or returns on orders. Same day orders can only be credited to be used within a week.

If an order is damaged you must send your claim within 5 business days from your delivery date to info@procolorprints.com. A manager will return your call the following day or same day regarding your claim.

JPEG, TIF, PDF, EPS, PSD (Flat Files). We do not accept files such as (Print Shop, Corel Draw, Publisher, Word, Printshop). Please note we prefer Jpeg and TIF files as our first choice. It will Save you time in emailing and the files will come in as flat files which cannot be edited. If a file is submitted as an EPS, PDF or PSD, ProColor Prints is not responsible for missing or embedded fonts, missing logos and anything that has been alternated by the time it is received. Please remember we do not know how you order appears until we receive it or unless we have a color proof in our hands of you job. If you are unsure and would like to see a digital proof of your jobs, simply ask us and we will submitted via email for your approval.

In order for us to expedite your order you need to give us your daytime and evening phone numbers at the time you place your order. If you are on a tight deadline and looking for quick turnaround, it is also a good idea to give us the name and phone number of someone else who can speak knowledgeably, answer questions, and make decisions about you job.

An aggregate print order is never 100% guaranteed for color accuracy. We allow for a color variance of +/- 5%. The colors you see on screen are displayed in RBG and the colors in print are CMYK so it's natural to experience subtle color shift from designs on-screen to the actual print product.

We do not proof any jobs. By the time the job is emailed to us, all edits should be final. You are responsible to reading all telephone numbers, sending proofs to your clients, addresses, resolutions, format, sizes and more. Before submitting your job please make sure the copy has been pre approved. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PROOFING ANY SUBMITTED JOBS.

Due to the nature of our web-to-print process we process jobs as soon as they are received. There are no cancellations or revisions accepted after the order is processed and paid. You will be required to pay for a reprint with shipping as needed if you need to submit a new file.

You have several options available to you. 1) you can contact our design department and coordinate/arrange for custom design services for your print job. 2) you can access some of our online resources, such as the templates section. If in doubt, give us a call at 1-888-229-6567 and we will help you in achieving the best file possible for printing.

We do not recommend border or any of the designs. Gang run printed order are printed and rushed daily in 24 hours which may vary in how the jobs are cut. Some borders may come out exact and some may not. Border are only used as a last alternative for when your words are going to be cut. We sometimes ask the client if they would like a border so that the border gets cut instead of the words. There is no extra charge to add a border but you must request it.

All files must be submitted at a minimum 300 Resolution. Please note that the file must be created from scratch at 300 Resolution for it to print sharp. If the files is designed for example at 150 DPI Resolution and then converted to 300 DPI, your file will maintain the sharpness of the 150. Larger resolution files can be lowered in resolution but smaller files cannot be resized.

Large format printing is digital and need to print at 150 DPI Resolution. If you have a banner that is 4ft x 6ft you will need to submit the file in inches (48 inches x 72 inches) at 150 DPI Resolution. These files can be submitted in RGB or CMYK Color.

Option 1 is to make a "YOU SEND IT" account at www.yousendit.com • After making an account you can then submit your large jobs to their website and then send us a link to download the files. Option 2 is to upload it to your server and send us a link. Option 3 is to Upload the files to our FTP but you will need an ftp program to do this. Please call for information on how to upload a file to our FTP. Please note we are not logged into the FTP at all time and its only a space on our server that we connect to once you call and tell us your file is there.

Possibly. Aggregate print orders printed with different clients, different colors and design every day. The person or flyer that lands next to you will never land again next to you on a different date. With this in mind, if you have an order that you know you will print a month from now without any changes, we suggest to print both orders together at one time instead of 1 order per month. This goes for companies that have multiple employees and are considering ordering business cards for each new employee. Try to gather as many as possible and submit them all at once.

All orders will need to be paid in full before it is started with a credit card. We do not offer credit on any orders unless by specific request.

Orders come from our US factory using FedEx and from our Canadian factory using UPS. Local delivery is done via All Canadian Courier.

ProColor Prints usually prints your exact amount of flyers and a couple extras in the box. Industry standard allows us +/-5% for over under runs which occur when cutting. If you receive extras we will not charge you the extra amount. If you are short up to 10% we will not be able to refund you. By placing an order with us you are in agreement to these terms.

All design order must be completed within 1 week from the first proof you receive from us. Any orders over 1 week with be reviewed for additional design charges due to time constraints. Three sets of changes are included in the design fee. Additional design changes can be purchased if needed.

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Dr. Mona Shoman